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Sustainability & Innovation

Being green IS all that it's cracked up to be, just let us show you how.

We at Eco Resources divert hundreds of cubic metres of waste every day from landfill. We have a recycling rate of 85% and increasing of our all waste disposed of at our site, and the remaining 15% of unsalvageable waste is then shredded to further reduce it in size before going to an appropriate landfill site. By going this extra step further and shredding the waste we then increase its compaction rate by a further 26%.

We constantly strive to find the most efficient and safest ways to recover resources from waste and create value in materials deemed worthless.


Recycled Products (not including sand)




 Only 3% of all waste disposed of at our site ends up back into landfill. Thats a huge 97% of waste that it either reused, recycled or reduced.



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