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Recycling Solutions

A 3 step approach that's so simple it's crazy its taken so long!



We use state of the art machinery to reduce all those chunky bits of waste that can’t be reused or recycled. We can safely and efficiently reduce waste by up to a huge 70% reduction. And as an extra bonus, this shredded waste then compacts by a further 26% when disposed of at landfill. Making sure that we extend the life of our landfill sites for as long as possible.


How much waste can be reused? A lot! if sorted properly and the right companies collect the sorted waste to directly re-use into their businesses.

For example: - So many wood pallets are tipped off every day and still in great condition. Now imagine them all going to landfill? Such a waste!

Luckily we pull them all out and stack them for collection by a pallet company that can reuse them. Saving time and money and the environment.

Sand comes in by the truck load, and being mixed with bits of rubbish it’s really no good for anyone. But by screening it and cleaning it free from rubbish it’s suddenly a great commodity that is reused immediately by many different people and companies needing clean fill sand.

Why use virgin soil to back fill a hole when you can use recycled? No need to quarry out good sand just to be reburied right!

We offer FREE collection of our great fill sand too.


So much rubbish is completely 100% recyclable and used to be buried in landfill never again to see the light of day.

Not anymore! All our Paper, Plastic, Polystyrene, Metals, Appliances, Tyres, Bricks, Concrete and Timber is sorted and collected by many different companies that further process these valuable materials and make new stuff.

So much better and more exciting than dumping into landfill!

We work with some great companies that have even greater ideas of how to reuse and recycle so many things deemed as trash. It is a solution for ZERO waste happening today.


We offer shredding services on short and long term contracts to reduce your material onsite. See Plant Hire Page.

See our Product List page for all types of materials that we have ready for collection.

If you have a need for a particular type of waste product please let us know and if we receive it we can make it available for collection.



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