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Our Naval Base Waste Transfer Station operates to achieve the following:

To prolong the life of our landfill sites - By separating the reusable material from waste streams ready for recycling. We also shred the unsalvageable waste, reducing it by 70% in size and increasing its compaction rate by 26%.

To stop reusable material going to landfill -  Construction waste from the building of new homes is filled with good reusable resources. Metals, timber, paper, plastics, bricks and concrete can all be recycled.

To find value in materials deemed worthless -  By sorting and processing materials that have been thrown out, we can make them worthy again.

To provide a better alternative for rubbish disposal -  We can take all types of rubbish and do all the sorting and recycling for you. Our expertise in the rubbish removal and disposal industry means we make the most of your waste and give it the best chance at a second chance.

The ECO Difference

We at ECO Resources offer a direct alternative to dumping into landfill. We are competitively priced, ensuring all operators are able to use our services.

By being centrally located, we can make sure the distanced travelled for our customers is less.

Thereby helping our customers to not only save money, but save time, all whilst saving the environment.

We give our customers the satisfaction of telling their clients they do recycle their waste.

Our Services

Eco Resources recycling transfer station caters for all skip bin and bobcat operators that collect waste. We specialise in:


Mixed Builders Rubble - Bricks, Concrete, Timber, Paper, Plastic, Metal, Plasterboard, Green Waste, Tree Stumps, Skip Bin Waste, Furniture, Mattresses, Tyres

We offer Recycling Collection Services  and Shredding Services




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